Engineering Design for New Machines


We have an engineering design team that is expert in facilitating complex solutions to unique problems for delivery of new custom machines to meet your production challenges.

With decades of experience, we are equipped to optimize new machine designs that will meet all functional requirements at the best possible value. Our approach to solving your problems with an innovative new machine includes:

  • Complete collaboration on new machine engineering and design
  • Recommendations for value-added innovative concepts for future needs
  • Development of equipment specifications
  • Equipment sizing
  • Materials selection
  • Proof of principles
  • Solid modeling
  • Turning the approved design over to the precision custom fabrication shop
  • Installation and wiring
  • Final commissioning
  • Shipping or delivery

Call Turco Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc. for a smooth transition from conception to final commission. We are equipped to handle your most difficult challenge for a new one-off machine.

Engineering and Design for Updating Existing Equipment


We specialize in engineering and design of new custom machines as well as updating or retrofitting existing equipment. In meeting the most crucial parts of the process, we have experience and expertise needed to deliver a proven solution for cost-effective fabrication of final customized parts.

Specializing in special purpose builds for updating existing equipment, we start with identifying the need or objective by analyzing the component part or system to fully pinpoint the problem and location. We offer comprehensive services to get your machinery operating properly.

Not only can we repair older systems, but we can also extend their useful service life by updating or retrofitting your existing equipment with capabilities that include:

  • Use of reverse engineering and fabrication of any machine or component for a rebuild
  • Manufacture of component parts to improve machine functionality
  • Fabrication of new replacement parts that are not available off the shelf
  • Integration of value-added features and latest technologies into your existing system

We can help you with designs and design manufacturing for better precision upgrade parts for your existing equipment at a good value!

Design and Manufacturing for Specialized Equipment


As a full-service company that provides innovative solutions to complex problems, we offer design and manufacturing services for specialized equipment to multiple industries.

With the services of our skilled team we can build specialized equipment by taking it from initial concept and basic design through machining and fabrication that:

  • Meets your exacting standards
  • Is built to perform as required
  • Maximizes your return-on-investment
  • Integrates state-of-the-art technologies to broaden your flexibility
  • Provides a long-lasting service life

Call Turco Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc. for innovative solutions to your unique problems! 253-779-8166