Custom Machine Engineering Design

Design and Fabrication of Specialized Equipment

Unique Solutions for Specific Applications


Our Engineering Team Can Design And Build The Parts You Need.

Our design and fabrication capabilities can offer a cost-effective resolution to your problems that simply cannot be met by off-the-shelf parts.



Custom Design & Fabrication For Specific Applications

A one-of-a-kind machine can maximize your efficiency, increase productivity and reduce operating costs and time.



We Make Solutions To Your Equipment Problems

Our experience allows us to address complex problems, and arrive at a viable solution for developing and building the machine or parts required.


As a professional engineer with experience dating back to 1984, we created this full-service mechanical engineering and manufacturing company in 1990 with the objective of offering unique design solutions to uniquely challenging problems.

In addition to having a team that excels in resolving complex problems with development of new custom machines, we are experts in customizing existing equipment with installation of new manufactured parts or components.


Our latest project

We have given our clients the opportunity to be more efficient, productive and profitable. Our engineering design and manufacturing services can help you run your day-to-day operations smoothly and more affordably.

Designed for a customer who needed water pumping on their farm. This is a 1/3 scale model of a windmill from Holland. This windmiil can be turned easily to adjust for the differing wind speeds and direction.


Frame Rail Assembly Robot

Designed this for customer who wanted to automate their Frame Rail Assembly process on their Class 8 semi truck. This assembly collapses into the floor to allow the assembled frame rail to go over the top of it.



Coreless Paper Towel Winder

Customer needed to save a step in the manufacturing process. We designed this coreless winder to wind the paper towels without the cardboard core.


Automated Tube Bender

Customer needed to bend Hydraulic tubing with the paint and fittings attached. We designed this Automated Tube Bender to bend tubing without marking the paint. The bend data is downloaded from a "SolidWorks" file or can be entered manually.


Mechanical Engineering Services for Western Washington and Beyond


As a mechanical engineering firm, we make solutions to your problem, specializing in:

  • One-of-a-kind, unique one-off pieces
  • Custom pieces
  • Custom machines

Our services for clients across multiple industries facilitate multifaceted solutions with mechanical designs for:

  • New machines
  • Updating or customization of an existing machine
  • Adding functionality to existing equipment
  • Mechanical machine component parts

In addition, our services include the creation of professional mechanical machine and component parts drawings, plans and engineering diagrams from which dimensions can be taken for manufacture. We are a provider of complete solutions for all requirements with capabilities starting at the point of conceptual design services to the point of installation.

Call Turco Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc. to learn more about our mechanical engineering services for Western Washington and beyond.

Mechanical Engineering Firm – From Design to Installation


We offer mechanical engineering services from concept and design of machines, equipment and component parts, with capabilities to take your project to installation and commission.

As a mechanical engineering firm that specializes in one-of-a-kind, unique one-off pieces, custom pieces and custom machines, our objective is to provide unique design solutions to unique problems.

We have established a reputation for delivering advanced process solutions:

  • For designs of specialized equipment to improve productivity
  • To reduce manufacturing costs
  • For updating or upgrading an existing system with innovative industry technology
  • To add greater functionality to existing equipment
  • To fully integrate and support existing systems

We have extensive experience and expertise as a one-stop provider of solutions with end-to-end design and engineering capabilities through to installation for both new design and upgrade customization. Call today to inquire about our ability to provide complete solutions to your unique problems!

Engineering Services – We Make Solutions to Your Problems


We are a mechanical engineering firm with an advantage over most competitors because of our ability to think outside the box bringing solutions to your problem with:

  • Practical and innovative custom design capabilities
  • Extensive experience and expertise in specialty mechanical engineering services
  • Knowledge of manufacturing, industrial technology and product design
  • Concept generation capabilities
  • Ability to design and complete the full lifecycle services faster and more efficiently
  • Capabilities for fabricating specialized machinery that can fix your problem

At times, we have simple solutions to what appears to be a very complex problem. Whether your problem is simple or complex, we are available to consult with you on how it can be resolved with effective and efficient solutions.

Call Turco Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc., for consulting, full-service engineering design, and fabrication of specialized machinery to provide a solution to your problem. 253-779-8166