Mechanical Design Engineering – We Make Solutions for Your Problems


We bring definition and solutions to your complex and challenging problems by addressing and defining the real need, and looking at a wide range of alternative solutions before focusing on a specific solution.

As a team, we offer a broad spectrum of consulting and mechanical design engineering services to support companies across multiple industries to make solutions for their problems with:

  • Consulting and concept generation
  • Innovative design
  • Validation
  • Building - specialized equipment, rebuilds or retrofits
  • Final installation

We offer end-to-end capabilities and one-stop solutions as a provider of equipment design and development of mechanical engineering services from concept to manufacturing and installation. Call Turco Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc. to provide a cost-effective solution to your challenging problems.

Manufacturer Equipment Engineer – From Concept to Installation


As part of our collaborative team, our manufacturer equipment engineer focuses primarily on the creation and operation of the technical integrated systems for the production of economically complex machines.

In general, we rely on this important aspect of building machines and custom parts for analyzing and modifying product designs to:

  • Review and discuss any required changes prior to manufacturing
  • Ensure manufacturability – processes, tooling, and operations
  • Design production methods for efficient and reliable product-building
  • Develop and implement processes for fabrication
  • Determine any additional technical matters that may affect ability to build
  • Ensure fulfillment of quality and cost guidelines

Our machining and fabrication capabilities are designed to support our specialized custom machine design services. Call on us to provide a solution to complex problems from the point of concept through build and final installation.

Comprehensive Design/Build Mechanical Engineering Services


We provide unique solutions to complex problems with comprehensive mechanical engineering and design/build integrated services.

With our full-service engineering staff equipped with cutting edge technologies and software, we can design and build specialized, custom equipment from concept to final installation with assurance of a seamless integration into your operation.

Our experience, expertise and strategic process allows us to address complex problems, define the real need, and arrive at a viable solution for developing and building the machine or parts required.

The following is representative of a broad spectrum of services to bring solutions to your complex problems:

  • Innovative custom design capabilities
  • Expertise of specialty mechanical and manufacturer equipment engineering services
  • Consultant and concept development
  • Design assessment
  • Design/build/installation of the system as a turn-key solution

Call Turco Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc. to ensure fast and efficient full lifecycle services from conceptual design to installation and final commission. 253-779-8166