Machine Design and Engineering Services


We specialize in innovative machine design and mechanical engineering services that provide solutions to challenging and complex problems. Our projects for clients across multiple industries are frequently directed toward design and development of new and innovative one-of-a-kind custom machines.

However, we have expertise across a wide range of technology fields, and broad experience in engineering services and capabilities that include:

  • Redesign and retrofitting to add functionality
  • Programming
  • Development of second generation specialized equipment
  • Upgrades to existing equipment
  • Rebuilds
  • Component design
  • Materials specifications
  • Reverse engineering
  • Maximizing equipment efficiency and increasing production capabilities

We also provide engineering consulting services to facilitate your requirements from concept generation to final commission. Call Turco Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc., for services that require expertise in engineering analysis and capabilities to deliver resolution for challenging problems.

Custom Machine and Parts to Maximize Efficiency


We are a mechanical engineering firm with experience and expertise in designing custom machines and specialized parts to provide the edge your company needs.

If you are faced with challenging problems, we can provide solutions for complex and specific applications to help maximize your efficiency, increase productivity and reduce operating costs and time.

We have the capabilities to provide a highly-specialized, unique one-off custom machine design through a multi-step process from point of conception to final commission that includes, but not limited to:

  • Conceptual design services for manufacturing
  • Comprehensive specifications
  • Mechanical analyses of all critical parts and components
  • Managed machine and parts build
  • Acceptance testing
  • Final installation

With our experience, expertise, mechanical engineering capabilities and collaborative team effort we offer the finest custom designing, retrofitting, programming and development services because making solutions to problems is our specialty!

Call today to learn more about our ability to handle all phases of a unique equipment design/build project!

Custom Machine Design/Build Engineering


We are committed to bringing unparalleled and specialized equipment or parts solutions to clients that are experiencing challenging and complex problems.

Whether you require parts that are unavailable “off the shelf” or no longer being produced, or your resolution lies in new custom machine design and build, we have the engineering capabilities and skilled professionals for follow-on services to handle all phases of a project.

We have decades of experience as experts in mechanical engineering designing in providing multifaceted solutions for unique “one-off” machinery or component parts for multiple industries.

When determining that a unique “one-off” piece of equipment is the best solution, we work with clients by:

  • Designing the best solution to meet their requirements
  • Building the equipment to exacting specifications
  • Delivering or shipping the system for installation and final commission

Call Turco Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc. for complete solution design and development that will best suit your needs and fit your budget! 253-779-8166